We've Only Just Begun

Matthew Miko, J.D.

Matthew Miko, J.D.


It’s been more than five years since the first online course was launched on the College of Emergency Dispatch. Since then, the College has greatly expanded and now boasts a catalog of over 200 different courses. Whether you want to learn more about a particular protocol, gain a deeper understanding of domestic violence calls, read a Journal article, or listen to a Dispatch in Depth podcast, there is an ever-growing number of opportunities available to earn Continuing Dispatch Education hours.

One of the goals of the Academy for the College of Emergency Dispatch is to make a wide array of educational resources available on demand to members so that they could space out their training and development activities throughout the two-year recertification period. Since the launch of the College of Emergency Dispatch, 37,804 unique members have completed 819,287 courses, earning 885,146 CDE hours. Indeed, the growth has been truly exponential.

Courses Completed CDE Hours Earned
2016 6,152 12,401
2017 29,627 43,585
2018 133,170 151,963
2019 203,000 213,919
2020 269,744 280,399

Recently, the IAED conducted a survey to get a deeper understanding of how members view the courses on the College in general and learn about the role that the College plays in their ongoing training and education. In particular, we wanted to measure learner satisfaction with the College (both with the College overall and with specific kinds of CDE on there).

The results were very encouraging. Nearly 3 out of 4 respondents reported being Satisfied or Very Satisfied with the College.

In addition, we received a number of great suggestions for the College, and we will be working over the coming months to take your suggestions and create new types of courses and learning activities for you to complete while meeting your CDE requirements.

Thank you for making the College of Emergency Dispatch an essential part of your ongoing training and development during the past 5 years. The best is yet to come.