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Art Braunschweiger

Art is an IAED-certified EMD-Q Instructor and works full time as the Training and QA Supervisor at Union County Regional Communications in Westfield, New Jersey (USA). He has been a Fire and EMS Dispatcher since 1997 and is a former air medical dispatcher. Throughout his career he has presented communications training and dispatch courses throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Heidi DiGennaro

Heidi started in late 1993 in police dispatch and meandered down the career path of calltaking, backup fire dispatch, statistician, SARA TITLE III assistant, supervisor, and finally shift manager for the Harford County Department of Emergency Services in Maryland (USA). What an adventure!


Samantha Hawkins

Samantha is a 911 telecommunicator and police dispatcher who hails from Powder Springs, Georgia (USA). She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Addiction Counseling with a concentration on Drug and Alcohol abuse. She is an experienced professional in the customer service industry, having previously worked in retail and banking, and for over five years now has worked at Cobb County 911. She shares a home with her mother (who taught her everything she knows about everything) and her younger sister. Samantha can be reached via email at


Becca Barrus

Becca works with many mediums at IAED, presenting all kinds of dispatch-related information about IAED in the form of podcast episodes, Journal articles, and social media posts. She has a background in creative writing and has a bachelor’s degree in English.


Audrey Fraizer

Audrey is a frequent contributor to the Journal of Emergency Dispatch.


Heather Darata

Heather is Senior Copy Editor for the Journal. She has worked for the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch for 15 years. When not working, Heather enjoys spending time with her husband, reading, getting together with family and friends, and dabbling in cooking and baking.