We All Need Music in the Spirit of Emergency Dispatch

Audrey Fraizer

Audrey Fraizer


Audrey Fraizer

Nothing says NAVIGATOR like a Paul Stiegler original tune in the spirit of emergency dispatch.

Several years ago, the Medical Director for OnStar and Dane County Public Safety Communications (Wisconsin, USA), received an emergency dispatch standing ovation for the song “Salt Lake City,” which he composed and played at the NAVIGATOR conference held in Salt Lake City, Utah (USA). The music celebrated “where it all began,” the IAED, and the emergency dispatchers at the phones and radios who are at the EMS start of making a difference in a caller’s life.

Stiegler has played all sorts of music in his life, from pop to show tunes, barbershop to opera, to, as he says, “just plain ‘I have no idea.’” To hear his music, check out paulstiegler.com/music.

Music, emergency medicine, and Priority Dispatch Protocol are three hits he swears by. Stiegler is an emergency medicine physician and big advocate of the Academy’s protocol systems. Dane County Public Safety Communications achieved a medical Accredited Center of Excellence in 2013 and has since re-accredited twice.

“I write about what matters to me,” Stiegler said (at the time of the Salt Lake City conference) about his music. “The ACE matters because it validates that you’re doing emergency communications correctly for the community. You’re assuring the public you’re doing the best you can for the patient.”

His latest NAVIGATOR hit celebrates recent trials to perfect tourniquet Pre-Arrival Instructions for use in the Medical Priority Dispatch System (MPDS), and classic rock to tie it all together. Stiegler and Conrad Fivaz, Medical Director, Priority Solutions, Inc., presented the session “Let It Bleed? Not Anymore: Tourniquets In EMD” at NAVIGATOR 2019.

Visit the IAED Facebook page to watch Stiegler’s performance.

Let it Bleed by Paul Stiegler

We all need someone we can lean on

So if you’re bleeding, you can lean on me

‘Cuz I got something I can turn on

And when it turns on you, y’get you what you need

You call 911 to get it

It’s a tourniquet to turn you on

And once you do you won’t forget it

‘Cuz the life you save could be your own

We all need someone we can dream on

But if you’re dreamin’ red

I’m feelin’ blue

So take that phone

For someone you can call on

I’m your EMD

And I’m saving you

Oh oh oh let me squeeze you baby

Then I know that you will be all right

Let me strap my arms around you maybe

And keep you safe all through the night

We all need someone we can lean on

So if you’re bleeding, you can lean on me

If you’re bleeding, you can lean on me

Don’t let it bleed, don’t let it bleed, stop the bleed, stop the bleed ... ‘cuz I’m an EMD!!