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By Tom Nedzbala

Twas the Night Before Christmas in the Dispatch Center

A very touching version of Clement Moore's 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. A warm tribute to all dispatchers & police officers everywhere.

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all throughout comm.

We sat at our consoles, expecting it calm

the Dispatchers with their headsets, the CAD in high gear.

I looked at my computer, and the phones waiting to hear.

I started my dinner, the microwave to ding,

of course at that time a 911 call did ring

An intruder was the call, per the person on the phone

My dinner was interrupted by the ole’ hot tone.

The address was given, and with a flash officers flew

their cars going code-3, Their lights red & blue

Stay on with the caller, We need more was their request,

Typical, telling us how to do our job, was our quiet jest

Now this being Christmas, Santa was hard at his job

He could never imagine, being accused of intent to rob

2 cookies from the plate, and milk from the glass

While giving out gifts, he didn’t expect any “sass”

He first heard the growl, and then the dog gave a bark

Everyone was out of the bed, quick as a lark

Santa heard them start to shuffle, and knew it had begun

When someone yelled I have a gun, and we’ve called 911.

Officers set up a perimeter, and a command post

They had a K-9 enroute, this suspect is toast.

The Dispatcher remained calm; kept the caller on the phone

Obtained a description of the man, let them know they weren’t alone

Dressed in red and white, his belt and boots all in black.

Santa said I will give you all coal, plus I’m taking your things back.

Officers then gave a code-4, just a man giving out toys

We figured with this shift it would be Taser deployed.

Our blood pressure came down, still maybe up 10

The family went back to bed, to sleep once again.

Santa said thanks to the officers, with their badges and guns,

He said a special thanks to those who calmly answered 911.

Thus I re-heated my dinner it was only 2 hours old

But working in dispatch, food is better eaten sometimes cold.

Santa flew over the comm. center, later that night

And we heard him yell out, as he flew out of sight

Thank you for answering all of those 911 calls

Your pride and professionalism make Holidays Merry for all

May you all have a safe and wonderful Christmas Holiday.


Tom, Ann, & Nicole Nedzbala