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Jeff Clawson, M.D.

Jeff Clawson, M.D.

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Jeff Clawson, M.D.

Recently, a feature was added to gray out PDIs and CEIs that are not determined to be logically relevant by previous facts. However, the gray-out was done, rather than simply eliminating them from view, because there might be rare occasions when they might need to be given. This led to the new feature to allow them to be reactivated, so that, if needed, they would be easy to read and provide.

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Just curious on the new enable/disable hidden PDIs feature. Why are we letting disqualified PDIs be activated if they are deactivated for a specific reason and those PIQs have not been met?

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Brett Williams

CAD Liaison/Implementation Specialist

Priority Dispatch Corporation

Salt Lake City, Utah (USA)


Great question! Back when the PDI and CEI logic “gray-out” and later, the “move to bottom,” features were invented, we wanted to be sure, from a medical-legal standpoint, that these treatments and advice would never be completely hidden from the ED who, because of a changed patient condition, or even a software logic issue, would be prevented from seeing it and giving it if they needed to. In a changing patient condition, the ED, especially after the dispatch point, would have to re-answer the KQ logic involved to make it reappear fully.

The newer “show all” button secondary feature was added as “belt-and-suspenders” to be sure they didn’t have to strain trying to then correctly read a grayed-out PDI or CEI that they felt was absolutely necessary in spite of the logical gray-out state. As the legal eagles say, “The act of commission is usually much better than the act of omission” when it comes to good faith efforts.

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it … Doc

P.S. I’m sharing with the usual suspects as an FYI for what’s coming soon in the latest releases …