NENA 2022

Heather Darata

Heather Darata

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The International Academies of Emergency Dispatch® wants to share what it’s been up to with conference goers from across the country. The latest stop: NENA 2022 from June 11-16 at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, Kentucky (USA).

For the past few days, Ty Wooten, ENP, IAED Director of Governmental Affairs, and Matt Miko, IAED Director of Academics, have been in NENA’s exhibit hall (Booth 308) talking to attendees about legislation efforts, Academy research, and both the new Dispatcher-Directed CPR course (iaedjournal.org/cpr-recertification-in-a-snapthe-right-way) and the Practice Series on the College.

Wooten has also been busy presenting sessions at the conference in which the IAED is a bronze sponsor. His first session of the week—Filling Individual Skills Gaps in Your Workforce—brought attention to a crisis that exists in organizations today. While agencies spend quite a bit of time developing job skills, time may not be spent developing the 4 C’s: character, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. These foundational attributes are needed for total success in the comm. center. Wooten spoke to a standing room only crowd about the need for training strategies to close this gap.

Wooten’s second session introduced the extensive Public Safety Telecommunicator Reclassification toolkit—with which the IAED was involved—brought forth by NHTSA’s National 911 Program. This toolkit is for the 911 industry to help position it for a favorable change to its classification status in the coming years. Wooten talked about the history, current status, and actionable steps to help comm. center leadership prepare for reclassification efforts. The toolkit is available at 911.gov/project_telecommunicatorjobreclassification.html. If you missed Wooten’s session, check out Becca Barrus’ article on the Journal website to learn more about the toolkit: iaedjournal.org/reclassification-toolkit-overview  

To talk more about Wooten’s sessions or other topics related to the Academy and/or the 911 profession, make sure to stop by the IAED booth before NENA 2022 wraps up on Thursday, June 16.