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Josh McFadden

Josh McFadden


Josh McFadden

When I was growing up, I was a huge sports fan (still am). To find out the latest news about my favorite team, get the scores of the previous night’s games, or obtain information about the upcoming season of any given sport, I’d usually peruse the local morning newspaper (back when people actually had these publications delivered to their doors). As a child and young adult, I admittedly didn’t care much for the other sections, so I’d skip right to the middle of the multi-section newspaper and find my beloved sports page.

That’s where I wanted to go.

Now that the latest Journal issue is out, we know you all have your go-to pieces—those sections and stories to which you gravitate most. Of course, we don’t want you to be like me and zero in solely on one section or story; there’s plenty of informative and compelling pieces on every page.

But we’re happy no matter where you start or finish.

We’re confident you’ll enjoy our two feature stories. One goes into detail about the Emergency Communication Nurse System (ECNS), specifically how it’s used in different centers in Austria, Botswana, England, and other countries. Our second feature discusses the various challenges dispatchers face when taking calls from children but also how these calls can go more smoothly than those from adults. Related to our feature on child callers is a sidebar about a Maryland dispatcher who started a 911 education program for second-graders.

As always, two CDE articles make an appearance. You can read all about the new PPDS® v6.0 as well as essential information in Protocol G: Miscarriage.

A couple of Your Space stories will catch your eye. One Your Space story celebrates the successes with CPR saves that Southeast Emergency Communications (SEECOM) in Illinois, USA, has had recently.

We love our contributors and regular columnists, and there’s plenty to read in this issue from the likes of Brett Patterson, Dr. Jeff Clawson, Daphanie Bailes, Sherri Stigler, and Art Braunschweiger. Plus, don’t forget about our ACE Achievers article on Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, North Carolina, USA, and our Center Piece on the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety in San Francisco, California, USA.

So whether you start in the middle, the back, or (appropriately) the front, or whether you plan on skipping around, take your time and enjoy this Journal.