Amanda Weathers

Story Vault

"The call that had the most impact on me this far, is one morning during shift change after working all night, I took a call from a male that his wife was in labor. They were in a gas station parking lot and my caller "dad" was about to loose it. We went ahead and started fire and EMS, and I was starting the delivery process with dad through EMD, the whole time dad was in panic mode, and I was going through EMD as well as trying to keep dad calm! After a couple of minutes in the call Dad started screaming he could see the head, and then the ambulance pulled up in the parking lot of the gas station, Dad quickly tried to run to the ambulance and I had to remind him not to leave his wife! :) The ambulance on the scene took over and I told dad congrats! We then heard the ambulance key up on the radio and give their patient report to the hospital and we heard the baby crying, both baby and mom were just fine! Normally the ending we get is cut short, and we don't hear anything else about our calls, but the family took it a step further, and the call was on the news, and I ended up getting to meet mom, dad, their oldest daughter and the baby that I helped deliver. It was pretty cool to see just how grateful mom & dad both were for me being on the other line with dad through one of the most precious times in their lives."

- Amanda Weathers, Douglas County 911