Audrey Fraizer

Audrey Fraizer


By Audrey Fraizer

Now that the word’s out, John Lofgren might seriously consider changing the tone of his incoming call alert. After all, the sound of a turkey gobbling, as announced at NAVIGATOR on stage and in front of close to 1,200 people, could evolve into an emergency dispatch ringtone fad, which could lead to all sorts of cellphone pandemonium.

But for now, at least, it’s a distinctive quality alerting Lofgren to his choice as the Academy’s 2016 Instructor of the Year, presented by the Academy’s Board of Certification Chair Pam Stewart.

“When Pam mentioned the turkey gobbling ringtone, I figured it was me,” said Lofgren, Training Manager, El Paso-Teller County Enhanced 911 Authority, Colorado Springs, Colo. “I’ve never heard of anyone else using that.”

The ringtone exemplifies Lofgren’s commitment to whatever he does, whether it’s his career in public service or his time in the field pursuing birds.

He “is truly dedicated to improving the quality of public safety,” Stewart said.

Lofgren started his public service career in 1990 as a volunteer firefighter/EMT/dispatcher/police officer; he moved to dispatcher in the Colorado Springs (Colo.) Police Department in 2001 and has been involved with the Academy in several capacities for most of the past 16 years. He is a certified instructor in ETC, EFD, and EPD, and in 2006 became one of only 10 Triple discipline ED-Q certified instructors. He is an Active Assailant Protocol instructor and serves on the EPD Board of Curriculum and ED-Q Council of Standards.

He is also a welcome voice, regardless of his now-famous ringtone, in the Colorado Springs emergency dispatch community.

Facebook was buzzing with the announcement, including the message left by Carl Simpson, CEO, El Paso-Teller County Enhanced 911 Authority: “John has, for many years, been dedicated to public safety, not only as a police officer but as a dispatcher for the Colorado Springs Police Department. John has worked hard to be the best trainer he can be, and the IAED acknowledged his contributions this morning.”