Reaching Q Heights

Becca Barrus

Becca Barrus

Dear Reader

You’ve been thinking about getting certified in medical, fire, and police QA for a while. Maybe you’re thinking of expanding your professional skill set or you want to become part of your agency’s QA team. Perhaps your agency is taking its Q program to the next level to start a race to ACE, and you want to be a major part of it.

While you were perusing the recently released promotional brochure for NAVIGATOR 2023  in Denver, Colorado (USA), this little call-out caught your eye:

Join us as we help you reach Q heights! For the first time ever, we’ve arranged our medical, fire, and police Q pre-conference courses in a way that you can easily attend all three. Get certified in all three disciplines in four days!

As great as it sounds, you have some questions. Well, we have answers!

How does it work? A scroll up and down the pre-con agenda doesn’t turn up anything labeled “triple-Q certification course.” It requires a little scheduling finesse on your part, but we’ve got all the pieces in place, and it only needs a little finagling on your end.

In order to triple your value at your center and in the profession of emergency dispatch as a whole, start by registering for the EMD-Q course on Friday, April 14. This is important! We’re offering two EMD-Q courses and if you sign up for the second one, it conflicts with the EPD-Q course. So, simply sign up for the EMD-Q course on Friday, April 14, the EFD-Q course on Saturday, April 15, and the EPD-Q course on Sunday, April 16.  

Hang on, the agenda says each Q course is two days. Correct! Remember when you first got certified as a calltaker and there was a day about general principles of emergency dispatch? There’s a similar day for Q’s as well. When you attend the universal principles day of the EMD-Q class, it counts for the other two disciplines.

You also said I can get triple certified in four days, not three. What’s up with that? Good catch. You’ve already got an eye for detail like every good Q should! Because one day of each course is dedicated to the universal Q principles, you’ll need to attend the full EMD-Q course on Friday and Saturday (April 14–15), then the second day of the EFD-Q and EPD-Q courses on Sunday and Monday (April 16 and 17).

If you have any questions that weren’t answered here, go ahead and send them to the NAVIGATOR team at navigator@emergencydispatch.org and they’ll be happy to help you. Happy Q-ing!