MPDS v14.0

Heather Darata

Heather Darata

Best Practices

The International Academies of Emergency Dispatch® and Priority Dispatch® released the much-anticipated Medical Priority Dispatch System v14.0 on April 11, 2023, with the non-English release, which includes more than 15 languages, to follow on April 25.

While updates and improvements have been made to MPDS® v13 periodically, MPDS v14.0 reflects a new version of the MPDS that’s more than seven years in the making.  

Here are some key changes found in MPDS v14.0:

  • Agencies have been given more control following the reworking of Protocol 25: Psychiatric/Mental Health Conditions/Suicide Attempt/Abnormal Behavior.
  • A first-party caller version of the Stroke Diagnostic Tool now makes caller self-diagnosis possible.
  • A new Pre-Arrival Instruction sequence was added to provide instructions for rolling prone patients over onto their backs. Prone CPR PAIs are now included in case the caller is unable to turn the patient on her/his back.
  • The Case Entry Rules section has been split into a Rules section and a Chief Complaint Selection Rules (CCSR) section. Several new and modified Rules have been added to the CCSR section to better assist Emergency Dispatchers in selecting the correct Chief Complaint.  
  • The Twinject injection pathway in Protocol P: Epinephrine has been removed and replaced with instructions for the Auvi-Q® and Allerject® devices.  

On another note, Video to ProQA® is now ready to be turned on with a launch point just after dispatch in ProQA v5.1.1.46.