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Dispatcher Wu Ye has been with Jiangyin Emergency Center in Jiangyin, China, for 11 years. On June 26, she received an emergency call in which she selected the Medical Priority Dispatch System's (MPDS) Protocol 24: Pregnancy/Childbirth/Miscarriage to help deliver a family's baby boy. However, the infant that weighed only 1.5 kg was not crying or breathing after delivery.

IMG_2597Using the MPDS' breathing diagnostic tool Pre-Arrival Instruction, Wu Ye instructed the family how to clear a foreign object from the baby's airway and provide hands-on-chest compressions prior to EMS first responders arriving at the scene. Mother and son were transported to the hospital but fully recovered and have returned home. The family members recently met Wu Ye in person to express their deep gratitude to the dispatcher.

Since the MPDS went live at the Jiangyin Emergency Center in October 2015, Dispatcher Wu Ye's average compliance level with the MPDS is an impressive 98.07 percent.

Wu Ye's supervior says the dispatcher is engaged, motivated, and always passionate about her job. She said that Wu Ye has saved many lives already thanks to her professionalism and compliance with the MPDS.

Below is a copy of the news article that ran in the Jiangyin Daily Newspaper on July 6 chronicling Wu Ye's story helping deliver the baby:

Life-saving Support from 120

Emergency dispatcher wisely saved a new-born and the mother’s life

1:45 AM, deep night of 26 Jun, in the dispatch hall of Jiangyin Emergency Center, a call rang pressingly …

“Hello, 120. What’s the address of the emergency?”

During the caller’s statement with anxiety, Wu Ye, a dispatcher at night shift, learned that a pregnant women near Hualu Road of Huashi town was giving birth. At the moment she sent out the ambulance, she used Protocol 24 – Pregnancy/Childbirth/Miscarriage of the Medical Priority Dispatch System (MPDS) which went live just before the Lunar New Year to provide instructions to the poor “mom” and her families.

QQ图片20160727102729She got released when she learned the baby was already delivered but her professional habit reminded her to ask whether the baby was crying and breathing. Being told the baby was not crying, neither breathing, Wu Ye held her nerve again. According to the indications from the protocol, she immediately instructed the families to gently massage the baby’s back, clear the foreign bodies out of the baby’s mouth, and then had them check the baby but nothing changed for the baby. In such an emergency, it might be life threatening if the baby is always put into such condition until the ambulance arrives. No time to wait and it is a must to do CPR to the baby! According to the indications from MPDS and with the instructions from the dispatcher via the phone, family members of the baby provided CPR. Eventually, the baby burst into a cry with breathing followed. After breathing diagnosis tool was used and knowing the results got into normal range, the dispatcher finally got reassured.

Three days after, through a feedback collection call of the center, we know the baby and the mother are both in the People’s Hospital of Zhangjiagang, accepting in-hospital care. And the family members of the baby and the mother highly praised the instructions provided by the center, they think the dispatcher performed in a very professional way upon the emergency and provided the patient with positive and effective emergency instructions which is a safe guard for the health and life of the patient.