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Jeff Clawson, M.D.

Jeff Clawson, M.D.

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After publishing “How ‘Black Lives Matter’ and Should Reinforce Our Values in the Realm of Emergency Dispatch” by Jeff Clawson, M.D., and Matthew Miko, JD, as the Ask Doc column for the July/Aug 2020 issue of the Journal of Emergency Dispatch, the Journal editorial staff received the following message:

Don’t ever send me anything else from this day forward. I have been an EMT for almost 20 years and an EMD for almost 10. I can do my job without being supportive of terrorist organizations like Black Lives Matter. How dare you sink to that level. Your organization is pathetic and unpatriotic.

Dr. Jeff Clawson’s response:

While we always appreciate anyone’s opinion, as is the American way, I am surprised that you can paint an entire organization, that has done so much for your EMS and dispatch profession over the past 35 years, and in so many ways, with such a broad, negative brush. I must assume that your IAED training, use of exceptional protocols, and ongoing continuing education is somehow summarily washed away by a single Journal opinion piece, mainly emphasizing a number of well-known dispatch concepts, rules, and written laws meant to provide an unbiased and accepting helpful hand we must extend to all 911 callers when they need it most.

My and Matt’s conceptional article wasn’t an endorsement of any organization, but only a restatement of some basic underlying concepts and human truths. If, in reading this, your expressed feelings are still the case, just let us know and we will cease your Academy certification, which is linked to, and provides, your ongoing access to the Journal and that all the Academy represents. Decisions, well-made or not, ultimately affect the direction you must now choose.Your call … Doc