Glenn Killion

Story Vault

"[My most memorable call was when I was] able to help gather information on a missing and suicidal female that wanted to die due to her boyfriend passing away 2 weeks prior. She had left a note and no one knew where she was after several hours of looking. Upon questioning family members of the boyfriends passing and burial, I was able to figure out that she might have went to the gravesite and directed EMS and police there. They found the female, unconscious, unresponsive in cardiac arrest. They were able to bring her back with a little effort and after being in hospital for a few days she was able to walk out without any ill effect from her overdose/cardiac arrest. Family was very restful and it just showed me to never give up on obtaining as much information as possible even above and beyond EMD and EPD questions."

- Glenn Killion, Litchfield County Dispatch