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The International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED) presented China NAVIGATOR 2015, Oct. 11–12, in Qingdao at the Shangri-La Hotel. In all, 226 members and representatives of various emergency communications agencies in China participated.

Hulunbuir 120 Medical Emergency Command Center, Hulunbuir City, Hailar District, Inner Mongolia, China, achieved medical Accredited Center of Excellence (ACE) status in September, and was honored during China NAVIGATOR 2015 for the tremendous accomplishment. Hulunbuir is the seventh public safety agency in China since April 2013 to achieve ACE status in Emergency Medical Dispatch. The other ACEs include: Yunnan Province Emergency Center; Hangzhou Ambulance Center; Huizhou City Health and Family Planning Bureau; Qinghai Province Medical Emergency Center; Suzhou Emergency Center; and Wuxi Emergency Medical Center.

Zhang Li of China’s Wuxi Emergency Medical Center received China NAVIGATOR 2015 Dispatcher of the Year honors. Priority Dispatch Corp. (PDC) presented a special award to Huludao Emergency Medical Center in China for the agency’s contributions to Emergency Medical Dispatch.