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Queensland-Emergency-Operations-Centre-1050x668Two parallel wings in the Queensland Emergency Operations Centre (QEOC) in Kedron, Australia, accommodate State Disaster Center and the Triple Zero Communications Center for both the QAS and the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services for the greater metropolitan area of Brisbane.

The QAS 000 communication center, which handles more than 600,000 Triple Zero (000) calls every year, includes 10 dispatcher and 34 calltaker stations, supervisory staff, and secondary triage and referral positions.

The major incident room has three dispatch and calltaker consoles set up for use during large occasions such as concerts and sporting events. A gallery above the floor gives visitors a view of operations without disturbing the work going on at the center, and the entire staff can view real-time traffic camera feeds, hospital status, weather information, and live news from the large video wall, allowing immediate delivery of updates to field responders.